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Delhaize Supermarket

After several years of struggling to position itself forcefully enough on the Belgian market, Delhaize was determined to take back the title it once had as the most popular Belgian supermarket. In order to do this, it was imperative to help the brand regain its former greatness and then differentiate it definitevely from its competitors in the market by concentrating on Delhaize’s biggest assets: namely, producing fresh produce with the best quality/price ratio. We have come up with a totally new store concept and a unique DNA that revolves around 4 key notions: quality, freshness, expertise, and inspiration. The concept hinges on how the customer experiences the store: this includes how simple it is to make a purchase; how agreeable and pleasant the environment is; customer comfort; the expertise of personnel; the services on offer; and how inspiring the overall experience is. We have therefore implemented a new layout, various specialist zones, a new selection of products with a particular focus on promoting fresh produce, putting certain categories of products at the forefront of customer attention, and competitive prices. The materials and colours used reflect the unique positioning of Delhaize; which is, of course, producing and promoting freshness. Every last detail has been reinvented with a view to creating a entirely new store; an innovative supermarket full to the brim of novelties and exciting products.

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Delhaize Supermarket