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Talented, passionate, unforgiving. We are a team of consultants, designers and architects based in Paris, Brussels and Luxembourg dedicated to what our name says we do; Design Strategy… nothing more, but nothing less.

What we do

Through design, we help organisations realise their ambitions. Design is a powerful catalyst to actually develop ambition. Used in exploratroy phases to illustrate the consequences of strategy and of course, design is the prime tool for implementing that strategy throughout what we call permanent media.

Brand analysis

Know where you stand. Getting a clear picture of what the situation is in terms of the organisation itself, its environment, competitors, stakeholders, strengths and weaknesses is the only way to develop the opportunities that are within reach.

Brand strategy

Know where you’re going. Design can be a decorative exercise, that’s expensive. Or it can serve a strategy, that’s powerful return on investment.


One of the most difficult excercises for an organisation; experience, methodology, legal partners, the ingredients for success.

Corporate identity

Branding, visual identity, all names for a similar process that remains at the root of our business, helping you look like the unique organisation that you are.

Retail design

The pace of change is not slowing down. You’re either consantly thinking about what you can do to stay pertinent or you’re out.

Web design

Expert team, keep track of developments, the media is growing into areas that go far beyond an internet site.

Signage systems

Often overlooked yet an integral part of the identity of the organisation and a huge benefit in terms of user experience. For cities, industrial sites, large shopping centres, museums or hospitals and universities, …

Brand management & guidelines

A powerful brand is not created, it is nourished.


Beaucoup d'efforts sont fournis dans la marque et l'aménagement intérieur, mais les derniers mètres sont souvent négligés. Pourtant un packaging et un merchandising puissants ont des effets immédiats sur la performance du point de vente.

Construction supervision

A retail space is not proven until it is built and working. We are able to supervise and pilot site works, takinig into consideration adaptations necessary to specific situations, all the while maintaining coherence throughout the network.


55, rue Danton
F-92300 Levallois Perret
+33 1 41 92 97 00


4, rue de la Levure
B-1050 Brussels
+32 2 642 24 24


C1 - 1 rue Peternelchen
L-2370 Howald
+352 26 30 28 89


Our team

L’agence est composée de 25 personnes : consultants, architectes d’intérieur et designers graphiques qui aiment leur métier.
13 ladies / 12 boys
8 nationalities
1 dog
bikes / 1 trottinette


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