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Today is a great day.
Today is a day when one of the most successful professional cycling team is about to become your favourite heroes. Yes, we talk about: Team KATUSHA.

Immochan manages more than 350 shopping centers in 12 countries and wants to create a more pertinent environment for the modern shopper. Minale Design Strategy came up with the "HappyLife" concept which will create a more friendly environment in order to "turn a venue into a moment" of pleasure and exchange.

Wink is the the new solo drive-in shop concept created by Minale Desgin Strategy for the Louis Delhaize Group. Brand strategy, naming, visual identity, retail space design... all designed in a coherent manner to introduce this totaly new concept to the Belgina market.

MGEN is a major player in the area of social protection. Minale Design Strategy was asked to develop a new concept for the contact points with the objective to enhance customer experience and encourage exchange. The new space combines information on health, risk prevention and product promotion in order develop sales for the range of services provided by MGEN.

The French Institute of Design has awarded this prestigious label to Sport d'Epoque and Minale Design Strategy for the project as a whole. The Janus du Commerce is awarded to retailers who have developped exceptional concepts complying to the "5 E's" - Ergonomy, Esthetics, Economy, Ethics and Emotion.

Le Pain Quotidien awarded concept of the year 2013 by Comeos, Minale Design Strategy is proud to play a role in this fantastic success.

Minale Design Strategy launched Visupedia, a fresh, web-based start-up. Launched in Brussels at the end of 2012, its focus is creating content and developing information technology. Visupedia’s goal is to become the world’s largest visual encyclopaedia thanks to its multilingual, open content contribution platform.

A new and more contemporary logotype, the speech bubble represents the ongoing conversation that Proxy Delhaize wishes to initiate with its customers. The Delhaize logo remains as a sign of commitment and guarantee.

By merging "Collivery" and "Food Invest", Colruyt Group becomes a major player in the Food Services sector. The objective is to be able to supply a variety of clients with the service they need, from the small organisation with a large spectrum of needs to the large organsiation with very narrow but specific needs.

After our work on naming and visual identity for Brussels Airlines and the major rebranding for Luxair Airlines, we have added another airline to our list of clients. Minale Design Strategy has helped reposition Jetfly, a private jet aviation company. The company was created in 1999 and purchased in 2012 by two young entrepreneurs with big ambtions. The new identity and communication tools developped for Jetfly are the perfect expression of that ambition.

The "Institut de Cancérologie Gustave Roussy" is now called GUSTAVE ROUSSY Cancer Campus Grand Paris, "a major international actor in oncology".

In order to consolidate the human values of the institute with its status as a European leader as well as its international ambitions, Minale Design Strategy has:

- chosen a single and meaningful name that will replace the multiplicity of names that were used in the past

- devleopped a logotype that can carry the values of the Institute which are those of sharing and encounter

- developped an identity system allowing all aspects of the Institute to be identified; Research, Hospital, University, Fundraising.


P&TLuxembourg and LUXGSM become POST Luxembourg

With the rapid evolution of technologies and the convergence of telecommunication services, P&T Luxembourg had already began to regroup its mobile and land line telephone services with the objectve to maximize sales efforts and propose a wider range of services to its customers.

The new identity relfects the wish of the company to reposition itslef under a single and unique brand. It is also a clear message that the full aray of services offered make Post Luxembourg the biggest network in Luxembourg.

Inaugurated in the 1970's, this shopping center owned by Hammerson, has benefited from a complete make-over. The 41000 sq.m complex is distributed over 2 floors and is situated in the city center of Strasbourg. Minale Desgin Strategy has repositioned the shopping center in order make it an attractive asset for the city, modernise the space to keep loyal customers and attract new ones.

The 8000 sq m of mall have been profoundly renovated by combining structural modifications and natural materials such as wood and stone. Vegetation and a number of unique decorative elemenst are used in order to create a succession of large, comfortable spaces for customers.

Design strategy, nothing more but nothing less

Over the last 20 years, we - at Minale Design Strategy - are doing our best for our client to make them look unique. We call this strategic design. We are really proud to meet them 24/7 on every street corner. We thank our clients for the confidence they have in us and we hope you will join us soon.

After being acquired by Credti Mutuel Northern Europe (CMNE), the Belgian network of Citibank was obliged to change names. With increased competition and the will to enlarge its services, this was the perfect opportunity for the bank to reposiiton itself and reonvate its image. A complete programme was developped with a new name, a new visual identity and an implementation programme that provided an opportunity to re-evaluate everything from product naming to website,  branch design, print and credit card designs.


A promenade in Bordeaux

MAPIC 2012 was the occasion for Redevco to unveil the new shopping center in the heart of Bordeaux - Promenade Sainte-Catherine.

Minale Design Strategy was given the task of creating a concept that would help make the center a favorite venue for the people of Bordeaux. The idea of an "Urban Oasis" was developped in order to comply with the wishes of the people to bring more vegetation to this area of the city. The elegant visual identity picks up on this theme of the Urban Oasis.